Support to Environmental Education in Laos

Laos, December 2022

A team of students from the Northern Agriculture and Forest College in Luang Prabang aims to introduce efficient methods of organic farming and waste management in nearby primary & secondary schools and villages. The members of the Green Environment Conservation Team – a volunteer group founded during my time as CTA for the SURAFCO project – developed training concepts, posters and educational brochures with the plan to carry out training and awareness campaigns. These also include concrete demonstrations on organic vegetable cultivation, compost production, forest and river protection and waste management.

There is still a lot of educational work to be done, especially with regard to waste disposal and recycling. The extensive use of plastic bags and bottles, as well as the burning of all kinds of rubbish, is still widespread in Laos, and awareness of the environmental impact of these practices is still very low.

The environmental group demonstrates efficient methods of organic farming and sustainable waste management on the college campus but recognizes that these activities are only sustainable if they are not limited to their college.

With the support of BanSenSuk e.V. in cooperation with Stichting Ailine, the environmental group was able to implement their ideas and conduct activities in a total of 16 schools and villages in the neighbourhood of the college. The very practice-oriented training included collecting and separating waste, setting up a composting station and establishing a waste collection point in all schools and villages visited.

The dedicated team, led by Mr. Somphong Khammalavong, delivered the content with great fun through an innovative approach using games, quizzes and practical application. In my role as BanSenSuk chairwomen, I was able to accompany the first trainings and provide additional suggestions for the future implementation.

All activities started are governed and guided by regular follow-up visits. Support for certification as a „Green School“ or „Green Village“ with extended activities is also being considered.

I am pleased that we can support this important educational awareness and training on environmental protection. BanSenSuk e.V. is also committed to supporting the expansion of the training courses and activities to more schools and villages in the area. This could make the region a role model for other districts.

More information about the Green Environment Conservation Team can be found on Facebook .